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Mar 13, 2013 5:00am PDT
a plan to balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes. that plan would repeal the president's health care law, convert medicare to a voucher voucher-style system and cut federal pensions. it is similar to a budget plan that he offered last year. today the senate democrats unveil a plan of their own. >> boy scouts have sent out a questionnaire on a potential change in policy banning gay scout leaders and members. the survey e-mailed to 1.1 million adult scouts has five questions including, is it acceptable for a gay and straight scout to share a tent overnight? the scouts posing such questions as the organizer tries to determine whether to lift or modify the gay ban. leaders will vote on the issue in may. >> the woman now accused of salting a young girl in a san francisco park. >> another trial run for taking bicycles on bart. commuters get a chance to take the bike along for the road. >> new date announced on which a famed >> south san francisco struggling ferry service is coming up with new ideas to get more people on board. the oyster point ferry between the peninsula and
Mar 20, 2013 5:00am PDT
to town voting unanimously to waive a list of fees from hotel tax for nfl staff rooms to ticket sir charges, parking fees, all nfl requirements if santa clara wants to be considered as a super bowl host. the new stadium is finished in next year and if the super bowl comes in 2016 the stadium will be two years old at the time of the the hilton santa clara is optimistically planning a $140-room addition in time, ready in time, for the super bowl in 2016. the city will make their pitch to the nfl in may. >> we have some fees waived so we are more attractive. it is the first time we are doing this. we want to be competitive. >> miami is also a contender and will be competing against santa clara but miami has already posted ten super bowls. perhaps it is someone else's turn and sources tell abc7 news that miami probably cannot afford to waive those fees. the city of santa clara will take their pitch package to the nfl on may 21st. >> thank you. new this morning, president obama is now in israel going the first visit to the country and a new effort for peace between israelis and palestini
Mar 15, 2013 5:00am PDT
. the i.r.s. has $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds, money owned almost a million taxpayers who never file returns for 2009. april 15 is the deadline. that [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 5:12 on this friday morning. a republican senator changed his mind about same-sex marriage and is the first sitting g.o.p. senator to support the unions. senator portman says the change began two years ago when his son told him he was gay. three was a member of the house of representatives in 1996 and voted in favor of defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and woman and bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage. now,
Mar 16, 2013 5:00am PDT
is demanding lawmakers use more tax money to restore education funding. layoff notices are going out to hundreds of people even though taxpayers said yes to proposition 30 for education. here's capital correspondent nannette miranda with the story. >> reporter: the california teachers organization estimates the number of notices handed out to public school teachers this year could be as low as 2600 statewide. that is down. the other union, federation of teachers, can't believe the notices are going out at all. proposition 30 was supposed to save schools from more budget cuts. >> for school districts now to be issuing the layoff notices really violates the spirit that prop 30 was promoted. >> megan got a pink slip again. she thought she was safe this year considering her district now has a 31% reserve. >> i don't understand why our district doesn't see that the budget pie is expanding. this should have resulted in a change in their actions. however, they are acting as though the sky is still falling. >> there's a lot of uncertainty still out there. >> capital advisers president kevin
Mar 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
with overseas markets down after european leaders decided to tax every bank account to pay for a bailout triggering a run on a.t.m.'s in cyprus and the largest bank in europe will cut 5,000 jobs, part of a strategy to make hsbc more efficient and profitable with more than 40,000 emily is in the united states. >> the great and powerful oz is part of disney and had good word part of disney and had good word of mouth taking in $42let's pla: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! our mystery guest: ensure complete... you support bones? [ ding! ] i've got calcium and vitamin d. oh! immune system. [ ding! ] one word: antioxidants. heart health? [ ding! ] my omega 3s never skip a beat. how 'bout muscles? [ ding! ] i have protein and revigor to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. [ ding! ding! ding! ] that's a winner! ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good mon
Mar 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
council is willing to wave the 9.5 percent hotel tax for 350 nfl employees and the two teams that play. they are willing to wave a 10 percent surcharge on game ticket that who is raised $6348. and $4.54 city fee on parking spaces. if santa clara wins the bid, super bowl 50 would be played in the 49ers new name name under construction. the game should generate hundreds of millions in economic activity but a lost that is in san francisco, the official host city. the nfl picks the super bowl host for 2016 on may 22. >> poll finds support for same-sex marriage is at an all-time high. the washington post/abc news poll fines 58 percent of americans now say gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry, a significant increase from 44 percent just three years ago and finds opposition to same-sex marriage has dropped from 55 percent to 36 percent in the last decade. the poll comes a week before the supreme court takes up the issue of gay marriage. >> santa clara supervisor george shirakawa junior is due in court in april if sentencing. he pleaded guilty in court yesterday to 12 charges connecte
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6